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In the U.S., all workplace cultures are built around and in support of white supremacist values and fears. This translates into the racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia that plague our organizations and the rest of society. It takes deliberate and sustained effort and tangible shifts in power and privilege to combat these norms and to create something equitable in its place. This process is deeply uncomfortable. It requires a commitment to deep self-reflection and examination, and to amplifying the experiences, voices, and leadership of those who are historically silenced and harmed.

We will help you navigate these challenges, lean into your growth edges, and imagine an anti-racist future for your organization. It will be hard, and we will do it together.

Organizational Training

Equity in action begins with knowledge, mindfulness, and a readiness to change. We teach from principles of cultural humility, anti-oppression, and hands-on learning that inspires curiosity, compassion, and action.

Our training packages include:

  • 12 months all-staff access to our self-paced foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) online course, Fostering Equity: Building Inclusive Leadership at Every Level, and

  • Highly-interactive live virtual training series that habitualize learning and excite your staff to make conversations about equity a part of their regular work. Each series includes at least four (4) virtual 90-minute sessions, with the option to run multiple concurrent cohorts at once. Each series is tailor-made to fit your needs, and may include topics such as:

    • Race Equity + Anti-Racism

    • Power, Privilege + Workplace Equity

    • Examining Myths of White Supremacy

    • Combating Racial Capitalism

    • Healing from Implicit Bias + Internalized White Supremacy

    • Interrupting Microaggressions

    • Inclusive Leadership for Managers

    • LGBTQ+ Cultural Humility

    • Celebrating Transgender Employees

    • Developing Equitable HR Policies

Organizational Assessments + Policy Reviews

Take the guesswork out of your DEI and anti-racism efforts!


Our Organizational Equity Assessment and Focus Groups will give you a clear snapshot of where you are today in terms of diversity, equity, inclusion, and a culture of belonging. We will provide a comprehensive report with data crunched through an intersectional lens, our observations of your workplace culture, and recommendations for how to move forward equitably from here.

With this data in hand, we will review up to 20 of your policies and practices, measuring them against our Equity Rubric. We'll recommend changes to bridge fairness gaps and make them accessible and useful to historically marginalized employees. If desired, we can also train your staff  to conduct this policy audit themselves, to build your internal capacity for long-term, sustainable change.

Leadership Coaching


Fighting white supremacy and all the inequity that comes with it is hard, and we cannot do it alone. Sometimes having a personal champion in your corner offering advice, support, skills practice, and carefully chosen resources to meet your immediate needs is just what you need to level up in your own DEI and anti-racism work. Whether you're just starting out or further down the road, we can help.


Your organization must galvanize its leadership’s commitment and investment to equity. We will work to deepen managers’ capacity to identify and address structural inequities, troubleshoot issues as they arise, strengthen leadership's stamina to name and dismantle white supremacy in the workplace, and offer inclusive leadership tools to shape a more equitable workplace culture.

Anti-Racism Cohort Programs for White Executives

We are proud to introduce Beyond Good, our 8-week intensive anti-racist cohort program for white executive directors of legal services non-profits. You'll become radically prepared to overcome the challenges of dismantling white supremacy culture in your organization, and join a growing community of peers committed to transformative anti-racist leadership and accountability.

We are working to develop similar intensive cohort programming for other white executives and organizational leaders. Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming programs that meet your needs!

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