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Now is the perfect time for white people to learn about the insidious and ubiquitous nature of white supremacy, grapple with our own role in perpetuating racism, and get to work to dismantle both once and for all.


Finally, after years and years and years of people of color explaining and showing white people the systemic violence of racism and white supremacy (terms that are, in fact, synonymous), it is finally sinking in that "business as usual" is extraordinarily unjust to people of color, and it's just not something we can resume as before. After COVID-19, after the recent slew of brutal murders of Black people by police and white vigilantes, going "back to normal" is unacceptable. For white people who have long benefited from "normal," that means the present moment and the future both near and far are full of great big unknowns, which is scary as hell for people who are accustomed to a clear life trajectory that tends to work in their favor.


In this webinar, we will: 

  • Share important historical context about white supremacy and structural racism
  • Offer plentiful illustrations of the real and present dangers of white supremacy and racism in our world today 
  • Explain the connection between individual white people to the ubiquitous fabric of white supremacy
  • Offer constructive steps every white person must take to effectively educate ourselves and each other, competently and confidently engage in conversations about race and racism, immediately begin to reduce harm we inflict on others, and make a game plan for how to join in the fight to dismantle white supremacy once and for all


Attendees will receive additional resources before and after the program, and will be offered a special discount code for future Just Roots programs on anti-racism and combatting white supremacy!



Facilitator: Milo Primeaux, Esq. (he/they), CEO, Just Roots Consulting, LLC

Milo is a white queer transgender civil rights attorney with a virtual practice in Upstate New York focusing on LGBTQ+ related discrimination, and is the founding CEO of Just Roots Consulting, LLC, which works with employers nationwide to become industry leaders in workplace equity excellence. Milo brings 15+ years of professional experience educating thousands of people about legal rights, best practices and equitable workplaces, developing new leadership, and fostering critical awareness rooted in anti-oppression principles and cultural humility.

Intro to White Supremacy for White People (Webinar)

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