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Top 5 Reasons Workplace DEI Efforts Fail
Recorded May 6, 2022

Many US companies of all sizes and sectors now have diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, but most are ineffective or actually cause more harm than good due to several common flaws. Join us for this free webinar to learn what pitfalls to avoid in your organization's efforts to become a fair and welcoming place for people of all identities and life experiences.

Redefining "DEI Success" in Your Workplace
Recorded May 9, 2022

Now that we've examined common reasons why DEI efforts fail, let's talk about how to set you up for "success" as redefined through anti-racist principles! Join us for this free informational webinar to learn key ingredients to sustainable, effective, and equitable cultural shifts in your workplace.

Anti-Racism for White Organizational Leaders
Recorded May 12, 2022

Good people doing good work can and do still perpetuate harmful norms, fears, and values of white supremacy, often without realizing it. White organizational leaders have a duty to root this out -- within themselves, and within their organizations -- and to do whatever is necessary to put anti-racist values and norms into practice. Join us for this free webinar to get a glimpse of what this can look like for the white leaders of your organization, and get exclusive access to a special offer tailor-made especially for you.

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Presented by MILO PRIMEAUX
Founder & CEO at JUST ROOTS

A white queer transgender civil rights attorney and workplace equity consultant with almost 20 years of equity coaching and building inclusive leadership in organizations across industries, with special attention on anti-racism, LGBTQ+ equity, and helping legal services organizations.

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