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Our Talent Garden

every just root starts with a powerful seed that is nurtured and grows

Founded in 2018, Just Roots Consulting has grown to meet the needs of our ever-expanding client community. Although our founder Milo is currently the only full-time employee, every single project we take on is led by a diverse team of talented people who are LGBTQ+, disabled, and/or Black, Indigenous, and people of color drawn from our Talent Garden.

Why a "Talent Garden," you ask?

At Just Roots, we're big fans of ecological metaphors! Just as a garden is greener where you water it, we are committed to nurturing all of the amazing, talented people who work with us on our projects. Anti-oppression, anti-racism, and equity work is hard, and we want to do our part to sustain and celebrate those who put so much of themselves into this important work for you and for all of us.


Meet SOME OF Our Talent

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