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In 2019, Just Roots delivered a series of staff trainings for GreenStar Food Co+Op on LGBTQ+ cultural humility, inclusive management, public narrative, and train-the-trainer. Check out what they had to say about their experience!

Milo is an incredibly dynamic and engaging trainer.  He covers cultural competency/humility, systems and legal issues with fluency and in a way that encourages people to think.  He weaves in his own story in a way that is powerful and moving.  He treats his audience with respect and meets people and organizations where they are to assist them on their journey to treat all clients with respect and dignity. Above all, Milo is a kind, compassionate human being, and this comes through in all the work that he does. He connects with people and models treating people with  the kind of respect and dignity that we need more of in this world.  I highly recommend him as a trainer and as a consultant on diversity, equity and inclusion issues.


Deputy Director

Legal Assistance of Western NY

In October 2019, Just Roots presented in Ithaca, New York on Transgender Mindfulness + Equity to more than 50 local employers, school officials and police officers. Folks walked away with vocabulary, tools, and resources to change forms, change interactions with the public, and to begin a dialogue within their own organizations.

“Best training on the topic that I’ve been to.”

“I serve the public, knowing more helps me to be better.”

“Teaching my first LGBTQ+ Unit in the Spring, 6th Grade. This was perfect.”

“Great context for understanding complexity of people’s different realities and struggles.”

Here's what staff and leadership of the Legal Aid Society of Rochester, NY had to say following Transgender Mindfulness + Equity and Inclusive Leadership trainings in August 2019:

"I think, honestly, the best trainer I have heard on this topic."

"...such an open, warm and comfortable environment to share.”

"Honestly, I felt engaged in the material the entire time. Easily one of the best, most informative LGBTQ+ trainings I’ve ever been to."

"Thank you! This has been amazing. You have a phenomenal way of teaching, supporting, and encouraging. I feel extremely inspired, so thank you."

Milo made a very important subject both interesting and fun to learn about, using an interactive format that engaged everyone in the audience.  We highly recommend him and look forward to using his valuable services for future trainings!


Executive Director

Neighborhood Legal Services

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