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Get Clarity.
Get Confident.
Get to Work.

Just Roots is proud to introduce

Beyond good

Become the white* anti-racist leader your organization and communities need.

This 4-week intensive cohort program for non-profit executives and directors will prepare you to overcome the challenges of dismantling white supremacy culture in your organization and to join a growing community of peers committed to transformative anti-racist leadership and accountability in the non-profit sector.

Before We Tell You All About

This Life-Changing Program...

Let's Talk About Who This is Really For

You are a white* (bodied or passing) non-profit executive or director with no shortage of ambition and compassion who is tired of spinning your wheels alone, longs to roll with highs and lows of working toward race equity with grace and humility, and is ready to belong to a community of people who are just as committed to anti-racism.

Whether you're...

  • A seasoned executive director who has served your organization for decades, has seen it transform over the years, and knows that more work must be done to make it more racially equitable

  • A newer executive who values DEI and race equity, is not sure how to lead on these issues equitably, and also yearns for mentorship and support

  • A director with strong anti-racist values and principles who needs guidance about where to start and how to keep up a sustained, accountable effort

  • A leader who needs support letting go of perfectionism and overcoming fear of failure and ridicule to become confident in your anti-racism work

You are in the right place! We're going to tell you exactly how Beyond Good will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming the white anti-racist leader your organization and communities need.

* White includes people of European descent and/or those who are biracial and experience privilege as a result of your perceived whiteness.

By the End of This Program You Will

Understand + Embody
Your Racial Identity
with Resolve, Not Shame

Foster Radical Resilience for Racial Discomfort

Learn to Decenter + Dismantle
White Supremacy + Racial Capitalism in Your Org

Commit to Lifelong
Transparency + Accountability

Why a Program for White Executives and Directors?

For years we have worked with organizations along their anti-racism journeys. Time and time again, white* organizational leaders wish for space created especially for them to be open and vulnerable, express their fears, own mistakes, and openly imagine what this work must look like for them. We heard you, and we made this course just for you.


Beyond Good offers historical grounding in white supremacy and racial capitalism, as well as opportunities for critical self-reflection, racial identity embodiment, development of practical anti-racist leadership skills, and commitment to building radical accountability relationships.

Built Just for You

We have designed this course based on years of experience serving white dominant non-profit organizations and on the wisdom of anti-racism thought leaders.

Beyond Good is...

  • Entirely virtual using Zoom and other e-learning platforms to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere

  • Live with real-time class sessions, guest lectures, and recitations (live Q+A sessions)

  • Intimate with only 10-12 participants

  • Experiential with focus on paired and small group exercises and somatic reflection and embodiment

  • Practical with emphasis on application of anti-racist principles into practice at your organization, including a final project that you can use in your workplace

Our 2022 Cohorts


on the


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  • 23 white* executive directors

  • 14 states

  • 5 time zones

  • Huge circles of influence!

Our Unique Curriculum

We worked together with nationally renowned JustLead Washington to develop a curriculum that is unlike anything seen before. Each week focuses on specific themes that incorporate:

  1. An historically based reflection on white supremacy and participants' white racial identity (e.g., history of US settler colonialism and racial capitalism, the non-profit industrial complex, white dominant culture norms and fears, anti-racist white leadership, leveraging positional power, and transformative accountability)

  2. A core competency of white anti-racist leadership (e.g., humility, curiosity + acceptance, abundance + nurturance, resilience + tolerance, racial embodiment, integrity, trustworthiness, and accountability), and

  3. Application to executive leadership in non-profits especially (e.g., preparing for an organizational shift, white anti-racist organizing, personnel matters, transparency + accountability, dispute resolution, redefining + measuring success)

introducing our

BIPOC Advisory Circle

We believe that white people have an essential role to play in the work of dismantling white supremacy and creating space for something new to emerge in its place. To do this, white people must follow leadership of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) in movements toward our collective liberation. We can and must learn from BIPOC leaders and ourselves and each other as white people. In creating this intensive anti-racism program by and for white people, we sought counsel, guidance, and accountability from women of color who are visionaries in this work. These incredible people agreed to serve as our BIPOC Advisory Circle for the first cohorts of this program, and we owe them deep thanks for pushing us to make it what it is today.

ada shen-jaffe (she/her)

Lead faculty, JustLead Washington’s Leadership Academy, former ED of Columbia Legal Services;

equity and justice organizational leader, teacher, trainer, and coach

Kimberly Jones Merchant (she/her)

Director, Racial Justice Institute & Network

Shriver’s Center on Poverty Law

Elizabeth Nicolas (she/her)

CEO, Black Amethyst, LLC

Consultant, coach, anti-racism trainer,
yoga instructor, and attorney

Tanya Douglas (she/her)

Director of Disability Advocacy Project, Manhattan Legal Services; diversity equity and inclusion consultant for public interest programs


Whitney Knox Lee (she/her)

Civil rights attorney and anti-racist consultant

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