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From the time we are born, we are all steeped in messaging from every possible source around us that teaches and reinforces many terrible, harmful, and -- most importantly -- false things about people with marginalized identities. We don't even realize all the messaging we're taking in, or how it becomes part of what we just believe to be true about the world.


In this interactive webinar, we will take a hard, critical look at how the messaging we receive directly impacts the way we view ourselves in the world, how we relate to others (both those who are like us and those who are different from us), and how we are actually harming people when we refuse to look at or acknowledge the biases we carry.


We will also begin to address fragility (our tendency to not want to deal with these issues, which in turn allows them to continue unabated) and resilience (our capacity to push past discomfort in discussing these issues to get to a place where we can start to heal harm we unwittingly cause).


This program builds off of our "Intro to Intersectionality" webinar, and the conversation is continued in our "Intro to Microaggressions" webinar -- so please consider attending all three!


This is incredibly important for all people to know and work on, and especially white people, business owners, managers, supervisors, human resources (HR) professionals, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) professionals, and anyone else who wants to be more affirming and equitable of all people.


Facilitator: Milo Primeaux, Esq. (he/they), CEO, Just Roots Consulting, LLC

Milo is a white queer transgender civil rights attorney with a virtual practice in Upstate New York focusing on LGBTQ+ related discrimination, and is the founding CEO of Just Roots Consulting, LLC, which works with employers nationwide to become industry leaders in workplace equity excellence. Milo brings 15+ years of professional experience educating thousands of people about legal rights, best practices and equitable workplaces, developing new leadership, and fostering critical awareness rooted in anti-oppression principles and cultural humility.


Intro to Implicit Bias (Webinar)

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