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Intersectionality helps us understand how all of our many traits and characteristics work together to inform the way we experience the world, and how the world consistently and intentionally interacts and values us. You'll learn about systemic oppression and what privilege means!


Coined by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, intersectionality helps us understand how our different identities, characteristics and traits work together to inform our lived experiences in a world that systematically and routinely values some of traits over others.


In this webinar, we will use graphs, videos, and exercises to unpack what it means to have power and privilege, and how the framework of intersectionality can be used as a tool to begin dismantling systems of oppression that we all operate in. 


This is incredibly important for all people to know and work on, and especially white people, business owners, managers, supervisors, human resources (HR) professionals, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) professionals, and anyone else who wants to be more affirming and equitable of all people.



Facilitator: Milo Primeaux, Esq. (he/they), CEO, Just Roots Consulting, LLC

Milo is a white queer transgender civil rights attorney with a virtual practice in Upstate New York focusing on LGBTQ+ related discrimination, and is the founding CEO of Just Roots Consulting, LLC, which works with employers nationwide to become industry leaders in workplace equity excellence. Milo brings 15+ years of professional experience educating thousands of people about legal rights, best practices and equitable workplaces, developing new leadership, and fostering critical awareness rooted in anti-oppression principles and cultural humility. 

Intro to Intersectionality (Webinar)

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