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Do you care about DEIB and race equity, but feel overwhelmed by the state of the world?

You're not alone! Let's talk about it.

Join Just Roots Consulting this summer for a live webinar series about what we can do to navigate this challenging time and prepare for what's ahead!


We'll dive deep into hot topics on our hearts and minds, including:

  • How to align workplace DEIB efforts with race equity activism in this present time of genocide and political unrest and division

  • How to keep navigating conversations about racism in your workplace even while the 2020-inspired sense of urgency and funding for anti-racism work continues to wane

  • How to support DEIB leaders in your workplace to survive and thrive amidst relentless waves of resistance

  • Looking at how we invest our time, money, and energy in DEIB and divest the same from companies, countries, and systems that harm the people we care about

Our expert panelists will share about these things in candid, intimate, and inspired conversation with each other in a live webinar format. We will welcome audience Q&A, and recordings of each session will be available to registered attendees through the end of 2024.

We need each other now more than ever to share challenges, ideas, strategies, and hope for how we all move forward from here. Join us as we learn, feel, connect, and get inspired together!

1 / Workplace DEIB in a Time of Genocide & Division

Wed. July 17 @ 4-5pm EST / 1-2pm PST

The world is in turmoil. From the invasion of Ukraine, the Palestinian genocide, the crisis in Sudan, to floods, fires and famines, to the erosion of trust in the US political system. This session will address how individuals and workplaces are impacted by the world around us and will provide concrete ideas for organizations to address these issues in line with their DEIB and race equity values.

2 / Courageous Conversations about Racism in Your Workplace

Wed. July 31 @ 4-5pm EST / 1-2pm PST

Conversations about race equity can be tough. We often try to sidestep these discussions to avoid conflict, discomfort, or hurt feelings – especially when it seems like support is waning among leadership and funders. In this session, we’ll explore why this happens and show how to move these conversations forward in ways that are respectful, generative, trust-building and reparative.

3 / Get Unstuck: Advancing Stalled DEIB Initiatives

Wed. Aug. 14 @ 4-5pm EST / 1-2pm PST

Following the murder of George Floyd, many organizations launched DEIB initiatives and corporate America pledged significant funds to address racial inequality. Unfortunately, many efforts were unsustainable. In 2023, DEIB hiring dropped by 48%, funding decreased, and volunteer DEIB committee members are now exhausted. This session will explore practical ways employees in any role can support DEIB leaders and help sustain progress in these initiatives.

4 / Every Day Divestments: Aligning Your Actions & Spending With Your Values

Wed. Aug. 28 @ 4-5pm EST / 1-2pm PST

In a world full of injustices and violence, activism is urgently needed both globally and locally. The scale of this need can be overwhelming. In this final session, we'll explore how different generations view money, resources, and social movements, examine our individual privileges and power, and identify everyday ways to resist oppression using our resources and community connections.


Whitney Knox Lee WKL Headshot 2023.JPG

Whitney Knox Lee, Esq.

Whitney Knox Lee, Esq. (she/her) is a civil rights attorney, anti-racist, and host of the Impostrix Podcast, which aims to empower professionals of color to overcome imposter syndrome and white dominant culture in the workplace. Whitney actively works to advance the lives of people living in poverty and people of color. In her most recent legal position, she investigated complaints of civil rights violations of incarcerated persons and supported this community through written and oral advocacy, and impact litigation. She has also worked as a supervising attorney and internal race equity leader for a civil legal services org in Georgia. Follow Whitney and Impostrix Podcast on Instagram @ImpostrixPodcast.

JRB Jessica Rodriguez Becker Bio Headshot 2024.jpeg

Jessica Rodriguez Becker

Jessica Rodriguez Becker (she/her) is an educator and consultant who specializes in adult learning around issues of justice and equity. Jessica brings a holistic approach to supporting individuals and organizations in their pursuit of justice and liberation. She believes that true transformation requires attention to the whole person, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By integrating practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into her work, Jessica creates spaces for individuals and organizations to connect more deeply with themselves and each other. Her connection to her Afro-Caribbean roots runs deep, and she has a love for the diaspora that informs her work. Born and raised in NYC, she is a Nuyorican (of Afro-Caribbean, Indigena descent) and her parents were born in Puerto Rico (the island originally called Borinquen). She feels most at home near the equator and loves her Blackness, her Caribbean-ness, her womanhood, her queerness, her sisterhood, her mothering-heart, and her intuitive insight.

Milo Headshot Working March 2023.jpeg

Milo Primeaux, Esq.

Milo Primeaux (he/they) is a white Lebanese queer transgender person, civil rights attorney licensed in New York, and founder and CEO of Just Roots Consulting. Milo brings over 20 years of experience educating people about their legal rights, developing new leadership, and fostering critical awareness rooted in anti-oppression principles and cultural humility. He is a compassionate space holder, change maker, and facilitator who centers intimate interconnection and seeks to be a good ancestor. He is especially passionate about working with other white people to do the critically important, healing, and life-saving work of decolonizing our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits so that we can be of most service in demolishing white supremacy in this world. His approach to anti-racism focuses on intersectionality, somatic abolition, intentionality coupled with transparency and accountability, and embracing imperfection. He believes asking better questions of ourselves and each other is a key to our collective liberation.





Register here as an individual attendee, and get access to:


  • Live webinars in real-time

  • Additional resources before and after each session

  • Recordings of each session through Dec. 31, 2024

  • A free 30-minute discovery call to learn more about how Just Roots can support you through coaching and/or your organization's DEIB and race equity efforts



Have more than a few people who want to attend this series? No problem! Purchase access for your entire team or organization at a discounted rate, and everyone will get access to:

  • Live webinars in real-time

  • Prep work and additional resources for each session

  • Recordings of each session through Dec. 31, 2024

  • A free 30-minute discovery call to learn more about how Just Roots can support you through coaching and/or your organization's DEIB and race equity efforts

  • Special discounts for Just Roots events and services for the following 12 months

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  5. Enjoy the webinar series together!


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Who is Just Roots?

Personal. Engaging. Dynamic. Inspiring.

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Just Roots Consulting, LLC is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise that helps organizations be industry leaders in workplace equity, inclusion, and diversity.

As a social enterprise, we proudly boast a triple bottom-line:

  1. We are a for-profit enterprise that pays all our consultants and contributors competitive and above-market rates for their expertise and emotional labor.

  2. We are committed to preserving natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting like-minded businesses in our choice of vendors and contractors.

  3. We dedicate a portion of our profits support leadership and entrepreneurship for LGBTQ+ communities of color.

Our expert team of consultants and facilitators is hand-picked for each project and program, always including LGBTQ+ people, people of color, and/or people with disabilities. We are committed to modeling radical transparency and accountability in our policies and practices -- something we ask our students to do, too.


Our Influence

We are incredibly proud to have worked with over 40 organizations since 2018, offering transformative services from training to comprehensive consulting. Here are a few.

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